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.in 619/year
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.org 999/year

our services

Dedicated / VPS Servers

A dedicated hosting service offers the advantages of high performance, security, email stability, and control. A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed dedicated hosting is a kind of Internet hosting services in which the clients rents a whole server not share to any other individual. Managed VPS Hosting: Simple, Reliable, Fast. Get extreme power and performance for you and your clients. Increase your speed, uptime, and security with our Linux SSD VPS Hosting servers.

Reseller/Shared Hosting

On a reseller hosting, you would have the ability to set up each domain name so it has its own particular Cpanel. Additional added point’s focuses to having a reseller account include: The ability to have different IP addresses or different SSL certificates. The ability to control DNS zones. Shared hosting can have boundless areas on a common arrangement, you would fundamentally add the extra domains to the "add-on Domains".

Domain Registration

A Domain is a distinct component on the Internet with addresses sharing data under the control of a particular organization or individual, or in basic term domain name is a unique identification of a website on the internet indicating to a business or individual. Domain name is constantly different for all websites address through which your client or your guest can interface with your site and get the required data.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Service has various advantages. It is more discrete than telephonic discussions, making it the ideal type of communication when you don't need unsettling influence i.e, disturbance. Compared to making telephone calls or sending messages, SMS is less time consuming. SMS refers to a store-and-forward service, suggesting that if you send a message, the instant message does not go straight to the phone of the client.

our popularHosting Plans

Starting At 350
Reseller Hosting
  • Disk Space 5 GB
  • Domain 5
  • Sub Domain 10
  • FTP Account 5
  • Email Account 25
  • Database 5
  • OS Windows/Linux
Starting At 166
Shared Hosting
  • Disk Space 1 GB
  • Domain 1
  • Sub Domain 2
  • FTP Account 1
  • Email Account 5
  • Database 1
  • OS Windows/Linux
Starting At 1999
VPS Hosting
  • RAM 1GB DDR-3
  • Disk Space 40GB SATA
  • Bandwidth 200GB/m
  • Support 24*7
Starting At 4499
Dedicated Server
  • CPU Model - Intel® Xeon 1220L
  • CPU Cores- 2 Cores
  • RAM 8GB DDR3
  • Disk Space 500GB SATA
  • Bandwidth 500GB/m
  • Dedicated IP 2
  • Support 24*7