.com 860/year
.in 619/year
.info 1005/year
.net 1094/year
.org 999/year

Our Domain's Pricing

Domain Registration Renew Transfer Min Max
.com INR 860 INR 849 INR 999 1 Year 10 Year
.co.com INR 2061 INR 2061 INR 2099 1 Year 5 Year
.org INR 999 INR 989 INR 1011 1 Year 5 Year
.net INR 1094 INR 1049 INR 1099 1 Year 10 Year
.in INR 619 INR 549 INR 599 1 Year 5 Year
.info INR 1005 INR 999 INR 999 1 Year 5 Year
.us INR 600 INR 599 INR 600 1 Year 5 Year
.uk INR 676 INR 676 INR 699 1 Year 5 Year
.hosting INR 2061 INR 2049 INR 2099 1 Year 5 Year
.global INR 5161 INR 5161 INR 5199 1 Year 5 Year
.london INR 3522 INR 3519 INR 3599 1 Year 5 Year
.biz INR 1087 INR 1087 INR 1099 1 Year 5 Year
.ca INR 1030 INR 1030 INR 1099 1 Year 5 Year
.accountant INR 2049 INR 2049 INR 2099 1 Year 5 Year
.shiksha INR 1030 INR 1029 INR 1099 1 Year 5 Year

Our Domain's Speacial Features

 Domain Registration

You can’t have a website without a domain name. It's like a street address that tells people where you live, a domain helps customers drive directly to your website. Setting up a domain can be done in 3 easy steps -- Selecting the appropriate name for your business, searching for its availability and registering it before anyone else does!

Back in the early decades of the 2000s getting a domain wasn't a difficult task except for the fact that it took a lot of money to register and re-register than it does now in 2018; Back then not a lot of people had access to the internet and the hype that is created today was just starting out, however, today the scenario has changed totally and chances of getting a domain name that's right for you have decreased as more and more users come up with the same names for their website. We strongly recommend you to choose your domain name carefully and read tips online on selecting it if necessary.

Getting a domain means you are now going to be listed in the search engines online, it means that you can safeguard the identity of your business on the internet, it means basically means that customers drive directly into your shop and not through any shady online selling portal!


We at B-Info Vision have the capacity to book the right domain for you to start your website. We have over 15 options to choose from for your suffix and astonishingly low yearly prices as mentioned in the section above. (Please Note: You can book a domain for a minimum duration of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years)


We also provide excellent customer service before and after the purchase and installation of the domain.