our popular Windows Shared Plans

Starting At 350
  • Disk Space 5 GB
  • Domain 5
  • Sub Domain 10
  • FTP Account 5
  • Email Account 25
  • Database 5
  • OS Windows/Linux
Starting At 365
  • Disk Space 10 GB
  • Domain 12
  • Sub Domain 25
  • FTP Account 15
  • Email Account 60
  • Database 18
  • OS Windows/Linux
Starting At 5988
  • Disk Space 20 GB
  • Domain 15
  • Sub Domain 30
  • FTP Account 20
  • Email Account 75
  • Database 22
  • OS Windows/Linux
Starting At 7188
  • Disk Space 40 GB
  • Domain 25
  • Sub Domain 40
  • FTP Account 30
  • Email Account 90
  • Database 30
  • OS Windows/Linux

Our Hosting's Speacial Features

 Reseller Hosting


Reseller Hosting is a way of hosting your web domain onto the internet through our high-speed servers! Shared hosting is well known for its cost-efficient feature.  Reseller hosting utilizes one Dedicated Server to host multiple websites on a single server and it is the suitable option for you if your business does not involve high traffic and you wouldn't want to spend a lot of money yearly into hosting.


If you choose Reseller Hosting with us, we have 2 different plans for you to choose from. We have both Windows and Linux based servers for every option. The number of E-mail addresses, Domains, FTP accounts, Disk Space are among the few things that you can upgrade as you choose the best plan for you. Please check above for more information.


Snabb Technologies has a reputation for managing these servers at the best efficiency and maintaining a 99.4% uptime. We promise to give you complete support (before and after sales) and guide you in the installation which is pretty easy and quick. After you choose what's right for you and place the order, we deliver the hosting space instantly for you to use.


Please note that if the requirements for your website are higher and if there is a huge traffic on your website then we recommend you to see our Dedicated Hosting Servers.